Owner Surrenders

Snake River Animal Shelter will gladly accept owner surrenders provided space is available and the animal passes ALL our evaluations for an adoptable pet. There will be a fee to owner surrender your animal to us of $26 paid at the time of drop off.

We do have the right to refuse any animal we do not see fit as an adoptable animal. All animals MUST pass our evaluations before we will accept them as owner surrender. We will not be accepting any sick, injured, dangerous, or aggressive animals. Anyone who wants to relinquish any of the above listed animals will be directed to the Idaho Falls Animal Shelter.


  • Must pass ALL of our pre relinquishment evaluations
  • Provide all medical history
  • If no medical history, provide information of veterinarian used for this animal

Fees & Documents:

  • $26 owner surrender fee
  • Owner Surrender Agreement (Click Here)


We have the right to refuse any animal that we see as unadoptable.